Some fast food restaurants

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List of fast food restaurant chains

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O’Naturals, a restaurant chain in New England, offers healthy, all-natural fast food for diners who want great food to go. Its menu features a large vegetarian selection, and vegan items are marked for easy identification, such as the vegetarian chili, the carrot-ginger soup, and the chipotle sweet potato and veggie lentil soup.

A&W Restaurants

View all restaurants and dining options available at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. Health magazine rates the top 10 healthiest fast food restaurants in America based on their efforts to provide nutritious fare. High-sodium counts on some sandwiches; if sodium is a concern.

Looking for some hometown goodness? Take a look at what's going on at your local A&W, stop in and lets us know how we're doing! This massive list below contains my top choices for macro-friendly items from the main fast food restaurants in America.

I spent quite some time sifting through every single fast food menu. 30 English Fast Food Vocabulary You Absolutely Need to Know General Fast Food Vocabulary 1. Carry-out Some fast food restaurants sell them for breakfast, and they’re delicious when eaten with a coffee.

Scone. More common in England, a scone is a small, lightly sweetened bread, often served with fruit and tea.

Some fast food restaurants
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