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Finding money for school has never been easier.

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Scholarship Search is the free way to get access to more than 5 million college scholarships worth up to $24 billion. Register in November and be entered to win $5, for college.

Register for Scholarship SearchLocation: P.O. BoxPhiladelphia, PA, Order Sons of Italy in America National Leadership Grant. Award: $25, Applicant must be of Italian heritage and be a full-time student attending or planning on attending an accredited four-year institution who has demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities and.

Search our College Scholarships Directory Think you’re faster than our scholarship search algorithm? Search for college scholarships by academic major, athletics, art, ethnicity, first in family, GPA, minority, music, state, name or type.

Free College Scholarship Search Over Million College Scholarships & Grants - About $19 Billion in Financial Aid. Simply complete this quick profile and get instantly matched to scholarships. Scholarships. Use our scholarship search (on the right) to find a list of scholarships for which you may be eligible.

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Applications. All scholarships require that you apply to the University of Cambridge via the normal online application form, and most scholarships require that you apply by the relevant deadline.

Rhode Island's local scholarship search. Search through hundreds of hard-to-find local scholarships.

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