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ESA satellites looking deeper into sea ice 5 October This year, satellites saw the extent of Arctic sea ice hit a record low since measurements began in the s.

ESA’s SMOS and CryoSat satellites are now taking a deeper look by measuring the volume of the sea-ice cover. Watch from the web or with the Prime Video app on your phone, tablet, game console, set-top box, or select Smart TVs.

Stream, record and edit your gameplay in 4k60fps and beyond! • Video and audio quality so clear it'll be as if they had a front row seat to the show. • Specialized video processing modes to ensure lag free gameplay.

• Spend more time gaming and less time managing your broadcast, with. PRIX ITALIA The Prix ITALIA is an international competition (more than 90 public and private radio and TV organisations representing 48 countries) organised by RAI and which is held annually in an Italian city of art and culture every September for a week.

Rencontres a xv replay
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