Red cabbage indicator

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Make Your Own pH Indicator Using Red Cabbage

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Self made acid/base indicators, PH indicators

Red Cabbage Juice: A Homemade pH Indicator! In the laboratory, pH paper and chemicals are commonly used to indicate pH. In the homeschool, students can make their own pH indicator using red cabbage juice, which changes color in the presence of an acid or base.

The plant pigment anthocyanin is the active ingredient responsible for the color change. Furthermore, the juice of red cabbage can be used as a home-made pH indicator, turning red in acid and green/yellow in basic solutions.

It can be found in all Europe, throughout the Americas, in China and especially in Africa. On cooking, red cabbage will normally turn blue. More stable PH indicators Red cabbage is a very good PH indicator but is looses its ability to indicated the PH over a couple of weeks or month depending on how you store the solution.

For use with Framework Science book 7. Learning outcomes: How to make an indicator using coloured plant matter. How to test your indicator on acids and alkalis. A pH indicator is a substance that has a different colour when added to acid or alkali.

In this experiment a pH indicator is made from red cabbage. The experiment is in two parts. The first part involves boiling some red cabbage in water.

In the second part the students test their indicator. Between.

Red cabbage indicator
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