Pngcrush overwrite a file

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Recursively Optimize PNG Files

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PNGCRUSH a Directory of Images

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How to get pngcrush to overwrite original files? Ubuntu

But this tool does not come without limitations and the biggest one is it is unable to overwrite the file which it is optimizing. For this purpose, I rapped it in a PowerShell script, which invokes the PNGCRUSH to do the heavy lifting and then arranges files.

I have a lot of PNG files created by MapTiler. files to be exact. They are within many folders which are in many folders i.e. a tree of folders, duh. Thing is, it's the biggest waste of time to manually PNGCrush all of those. Pngcrush is open source and may be used, modified, and redistributed by anyone without paying a fee.

The license, embedded in the file pngcrush.c, is equivalent but not identical to the libpng license found in the libpng file png.h.

Take #2. The people responsible for the original release have been vigorously accelerated into the next plane of existence.

This release solves that release's problems. The input file is overwritten and the output file is just used temporarily and removed after it is copied over the input file. If you do not specify an output file, "" is used as the temporary file.

The pngcrush is started in parallell in overwrite mode on each file. Since pngcrush uses the same temporary file name for all the files it is processing, it will in .

Pngcrush overwrite a file
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# - 'pngcrush infile outfile' may overwrite file without prompting. - Debian Bug report logs