Leadership characteristics

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Transformational Leadership

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Today's business world is as complex as ever. And it's always changing. Ray Carvey, executive vice president of corporate learning at Harvard Business Publishing, a subsidiary of the Harvard. Trait leadership is defined as integrated patterns of personal characteristics that reflect a range of individual differences and foster consistent leader effectiveness across a variety of group and organizational situations (Zaccaro, Kemp, & Bader, ).

As a leader, there are certain qualities and characteristics of lions that you might find useful to consider - for yourself and your "pride." Let us just take a few minutes to explore these and as with all metaphors, we aren't going to beat this one to death.

Trait Theory of Leadership

A consideration of these 45 leadership qualities will serve to illustrate the characteristics which we should watch for in others and which we should strive to develop in ourselves in order to prepare ourselves to be better leaders. The most popular theory of leadership today is transformational leadership.

Take this test to see if you have transformational leadership qualities. Psychology Today. For the purposes of this chapter, we define leader traitsas relatively stable and coherent integrations of personal characteristics that foster a consistent pattern of leadership performance across a variety of group and organizational situations.

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