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More Items Similiar to: Anhui Yiyuan Herbal Pieces Technology Co., Ltd. Jul Herbal Medicines Pt Natura Laboratoria Prima Supplier From Jakarta, Indonesia that inhibits the synthesis of histamine which is an important mediator in allergic dermatitis.

Chengdu Pharmfront Co., Ltd is a well established company specia lizing in the research, manufac ture and exportation of fine chemicals, agrochemicals, and pharmaceutical intermediates. Strigene offers diverse range of services to our customers involved in manufacturing of herbal & Nutraceuticals manufacturers in the industry,through supply of herbal extracts, phytochemicals, raw herbs along with culitvation services.

Our story. NaturalMotion London was established in to develop groundbreaking social games on mobile platforms. Fusing a fresh, start-up culture with NaturalMotion’s advanced technology and expertise, the studio is working on innovative projects with the aim of redefining mobile gaming.

Sunresin New Materials Co., Ltd. engages in the research and development, manufacture, and sale of specialty resins. The company offers ion exchange, chelating, solid phase synthesis, adsorbent. Founded in August ofAnTec Biotech Co., Ltd.

(ATB) specializes in the production of Paclitaxel (and its derivatives) and medical/health-promoting herbal products. ATB’s core technologies include extracting ingredients from herbs, drug synthesis, and semi-synthesis.

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