Exploring optimism

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Westwood Insight: The State of Exploration in 2018 – a renewed optimism

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Artists are exploring humans’ potential roles in the future’s automated economy

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8 Principles of Pragmatic Optimism

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Candide: The Shocking Bits

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Always Bet on Optimism

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Read how optimism can help you live longer, and be healthier and more successful. Then learn strategies to create an optimistic outlook on life. Read how optimism can help you live longer, and be healthier and more successful. Then learn strategies to create an optimistic outlook on life. Optimism is commonly thought of as being a rather trivial attribute.

An optimist is widely thought of as someone who sees the silver lining in every cloud and views the world through rose-tinted spectacles (or a glass that?s always half full).

The aim of the study was to examine the relationship between coping, optimism, psychological and physical well-being. The effectiveness of the different coping strategies and the role of optimism were investigated by analyzing how they predicted psychological and physical well-being.

Oct 11,  · For me optimism is not blindly believing that the world is going to get better, that everything is wonderful.

It is believing that we can take action in order to be able create a better world. Pessimism is believing that whatever we do, we will not be able to create a better world. Exploring how optimism plays a role in leadership, innovation, and health, this speaker series will invite active college students to learn first-hand from experts in the field.

Exploring optimism
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