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The Doula Project

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Burnley's Snowdrop Doula project is a lifeline for struggling new mums in Lancashire

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NYC Woman Brags About Being 'Abortion Doula' For Over 2,000 Women

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Pregnant Behind Bars: The Prison Doula Project

We have no time. by: Scarlett McIntosh. Clarissa Herman joined us in May for a discussion about sexuality and childbirth as a part of our Salon Series. She holds a Master’s degree in Sexuality Studies and has experience working with survivors of sexual and domestic violence.

Baltimore Doula Project addresses gaps in pregnancy and postpartum support networks by providing doula care to pregnant and parenting individuals in the Baltimore area.

The Doula Project is a pro-choice New York City-based organization that was started in to provide free services to lower-income individuals across the spectrum of pregnancy. It was founded by pro-choice doulas and reproductive justice activists, two of whom currently serve as the Project Co-Coordinators.

The Baltimore Doula Project is a volunteer-run organization that is addressing gaps in pregnancy and postpartum support networks by providing accessible, trauma-informed doula services to pregnant and parenting individuals in the Baltimore area.

The Bay Area Doula Project is committed to increasing access to nonjudgmental, compassionate and empowering doula care to individuals across the full spectrum of their reproductive experiences, with a specific focus on abortion. Twin Cities Doula Project is a new group of doulas who are working together to provide free labor support to moms who want a doula but can’t afford one.

Doula project
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Barbara Essman: Certified Doula Instructor, Sacred Birthing School Founder | Kauai Doulas