Cape brandy syndicate vs inland revenue

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Only, litigations and controversies as also artists to the assessees continued on various discounts even the post period. Quoting the following opinion of Rowlatt, J. in Cape Brandy Syndicate vs. Inland Revenue Commissioner, the Hon’ble Supreme Court regarded it as having virtually become locus classicus; “ in a taxing Act one has to look merely at what is clearly said.

The Ghana Revenue Authority is to see to the integration of the three revenue agencies, namely the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Value Added Tax (VAT) and Customs, Excise and Preventive Service (CEPS), with one head called the Commissioner-General. Experimental feature warning.

The hosting of judicial decisions on Tax Interpretations is in Beta. We do not guarantee the accuracy of this text. Cape Brandy Syndicate v.

Inland Revenue Commissioners, [() 1 KB 64 at p. 71]. Since then there have been several Supreme Court Judgments, which have ruled that in interpreting a taxing statute, equitable considerations are entirely out of place.

In support of this submission the Respondents relied on Cape Brandy Syndicate vs. Inland Revenue Commissioner [] 1 KB In that case it was held: In that case it was held: “In a taxing Act one has to look merely at what is clearly stated. (See: Cape Brandy Syndicate Vs. Inland Revenue Commissioners4 and Ajmera Housing Corporation & Anr.

Vs. Commissioner of Income Tax5.).4 [] 1 K.B. () 8 SCC

Cape brandy syndicate vs inland revenue
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