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Andrew Carnegie Medals for Excellence in Fiction & Nonfiction

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Andrew Carnegie

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Louis, Cambridge completed The holdings were formed in the Increasing States Steel Corporation, a trust organized by Tom, and Carnegie retired from business. The definitive account of the life of Andrew Carnegie Celebrated historian David Nasaw, whom The New York Times Book Review has called "a meticulous researcher and a cool analyst," brings new life to the story of one of America's most famous and successful businessmen and philanthropists—in what will prove to be the biography of the season.

Born of modest origins in Scotland inAndrew. This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title Carnegie. If an internal link led you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article.

Andrew Carnegie, né le 25 novembre à Dunfermline en Écosse et mort le 11 août à Lenox (dans sa propriété de Shadow Brook) dans le Massachusetts, est un industriel et philanthrope écossais naturalisé est l'un des principaux acteurs de l’essor de l’industrie de l'acier aux États-Unis à la fin du XIX e siècle.

The Summer Issue John Leguizamo, Judy Woodruff, the New York Hall of Science, and Green-Wood Cemetery — not to mention Houston’s dynamic police chief, Art Acevedo — are just some of the fascinating people and places that animate the latest issue of the Carnegie Reporter. The Summer Issue John Leguizamo, Judy Woodruff, the New York Hall of Science, and Green-Wood Cemetery — not to mention Houston’s dynamic police chief, Art Acevedo — are just some of the fascinating people and places that animate the latest issue of the Carnegie Reporter.

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Andrew carnigie
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