An argument in favor of bitter sweet aspartame a diet delusion

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The Truth About Aspartame Side Effects

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Talk:Aspartame controversy/Archive 1

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The Aspartame Debate

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and any one of the fore mentioned symptoms/illnesses you will find a plethora of information on both sides of the argument.

(trade name Sweet n Low). 2. The Methanol section was drastically changed from banter back and forth of pro-aspartame and anti-aspartame arguments to a pro-aspartame section. In addition, many of the sentences completely misrepresent the arguments. For example: a. "There has been some concern that aspartame metabolism releases methanol." This misrepresents the concern.

Aspartic acid makes up 40% of the aspartame's breakdown products and constant consumption of products containing the sweet ener increases its concentration in blood and brain [7]. Sep 10,  · Watch this special video about aspartame and discover the truth behind this toxic artificial sweetener.

You may even be surprised how it affects your overall health. Category. Favor foods that are sweet, sour salty, heavy, oily, and heating, while reducing or avoiding foods that are bitter, pungent, astringent, light, dry, and cooling. It is very important to. Aspartame is a heinous chemical agent designed to help bring this about.

Welcome to the new world order! (Rev ) Aspartame is Satan, its leader's chemical agent of first choice for population control, and mass mind control.

An argument in favor of bitter sweet aspartame a diet delusion
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The Aspartame Debate – Nutrition CPR