An analysis of i make my own rules an autobiography of ll cool j

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I Make My Own Rules

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How to Write an Autobiography: One Useful

He even gives a new in cheek reference to his post. Cipher The Supreme Appear is a system of interpreting text and idea deeper meaning from the NOI Experiments by assigning actual meanings to the events of the Latin script. LL Cool J said in his autobiography that he joined the Five-Percent Nation in school and took the name "Lord Supreme Shalik", but he also said, "We were just using the Five Percenter label as a shield to do our dirty work - fighting and eventually robbing.".

Writing an autobiography can provide this same sense of grounding, and make for a thorough contribution to a family's genealogy as well. Video of the Day Brought to. Jan 24,  · LL Cool J wrote about his struggle in his autobiography "I Make My Own Rules," claiming that a man named Roscoe, who lived with the rapper's mother, beat.

LL Cool J's autobiography "I Make My Own Rules" is a very well written book. I liked the way he got into detail about his childhood. He had a very interesting childhood. The way he explains the good and the bad of his hip-hop life is also interesting.

It is also very interesting h. How to Write an Autobiography: One Useful "Rule" It's not difficult to learn how to write an autobiography, and many people are choosing to do just that. It's such a gift to discover that a loved one has left behind a diary or journal. out of 5 stars "I Make my Own Rules" could be inspiring to struggling teens.

I am an almost year-old woman who is not a fan of rap, but I really like NCIS Los Angeles. After seeing L. L. Cool J on a tv talk show (was it "Katie"?/5(56).

An analysis of i make my own rules an autobiography of ll cool j
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