Active immunity

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Immunity Types

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Immunity (medical)

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· Active immunity is developed by being exposed to disease or to vaccination, and as a result person’s body developing its own immune response (e.g. protective antibodies in the blood.) As a result, person’s ability to fight the same condition with  · Active Immunity vs Passive Immunity (Similarities and Differences between Active and Passive Immunity) The acquired immunity is the immunity acquired by an organism during its active immunity n.

Immunity resulting from the development of antibodies in response to the presence of an antigen, as from vaccination or exposure to an infectious Immunity was founded in the belief that advances in molecular and cellular immunology have brought immunology to a point at which a journal of high quality should be able to provide a unifying intellectual view, but the mandate for Immunity is not restricted to any particular level of Active immunity represents a process of natural selection within immune cells of the body (cell mediated immunity or antibody mediated immunity) by which molecules become common that (in some context) interact with a pathogen and allow it to be  · Types of Immunity.

Passive immunity

Immunity can be described as either active or passive, depending on how it is acquired: Active immunity involves the production of antibodies by the body itself and the subsequent development of memory cells; /

Active immunity
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